The PAX East event will take place next month in Boston, an event entirely dedicated to indie titles. Focus Home Interactive and Black Bird Interactive have announced a collaboration that will create a mysterious sci-fi title, which will be revealed during the US event. Here are the words of Rob Cunningham, CEO and founder of Blackbird Interactive in this regard:

“We are really excited to be able to work with the Focus Home team, from our first meeting it was clear that they were perfect to help us bring our new and innovative game to a large audience. Focus Home Interactive genuinely shares our vision of creating high quality titles and has completely embraced the world we are creating. We feel extremely fortunate to have this opportunity, not seeing them dive into this exciting and fruitful collaboration! "

Pax East

John Bert, of Focus Home Interactive added:

“We are very happy to welcome Blackbird on board as we continue to invest in new and innovative games that will amaze players in the years to come. Furthermore, it is fantastic to be able to show this game at PAX East 2020, the prestigious convention on videogame culture that is held every year in Boston. "