Bad news from Playful Studio, the development team behind Super Lucky's Tale. Paul Bettner and Katy Drake Bettner, the founders, have stated that development approaches will soon change, significantly reducing staff.

Here are their words in a note published on Official site:

In 2012 we had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with some of the most talented developers in our industry, to create unique, loved and appreciated original games. We have created multiple titles for millions of players around the world and are incredibly proud of the work our teams have done along the way. In this period we took significant risks to grow our studio, we dared to dream big and we worked hard to pursue these incredible opportunities together with our friends.

I continuous changes in the global video game market require Playful to evolve its approach to the development and production of our current and future projects. The study will focus on a leaner production model based on the development of distributed games and dynamic project-based teams. As part of this transition in our operating model, we made the incredibly difficult decision of significantly reduce our full-time staff.

We are truly heartbroken in separating ourselves from many of our friends and colleagues. These are people who poured their hearts into every game created by Playful, who supported each other at every stage of the process and made this study what it is today. We will work closely with each person affected by this transition to help them move forward.

A really bad blow for the study: we hope that the fired people will find employment as soon as possible and that Playful Studio, with this change, can continue to create excellent titles as done in the past.