Temtem it is not a particularly complex game. The clear derivation from a well-established subgenre and the open inspiration for the brand's games Pokémon make it a title far from difficult to access. However, given the large number of Temtem types usable, you could get lost in the maze of weaknesses of our favorite little monsters.

The guys of Rock Paper Shootgun come to our aid with a clear and simple table summary in which the interactions between the various types are indicated.

Temtem types chart

The cells bitchy indicate resistance in undergoing an attack of a certain type, the cells gray no particular modifiers, while those greens the much coveted "supereffective". For example a move of type “nature”Will be particularly suitable against a Temtem Water or Earth type. Finally, let's not forget that in the event that the same move Natura is used against an opponent of both weak types, the damage will take one double increase!