Tetris, along with Super Mario, is probably one of those games that everyone has played at least once in their life. The most famous puzzle game in history has experienced great reinterpretations over time, including the latest and most successful on Nintendo Switch, with Tetris 99.

The game, however, has also seen great success on smartphones thanks to games Electronic Arts, who had the rights; had, precisely, why from April 21 all EA game servers will be closed. Tetris lovers, however, have nothing to worry about: a new developer and publisher, in fact, is ready to take the legacy, that is N3twork.

The new game is already available for download on devices iOS e Android and it will not be the only one to be proposed by the study: the CEO Neil Young defined this new title as "the foundation for an incredible Tetris experience"They are working on.

What should we expect from Tetris? The future is still mysterious, but we are sure of one thing: Tetris is and will always remain immortal.