As announced the last week, the third day of the Championship took place on Saturday 25 January in Barcelona eFootball.Pro, the first world eSport tournament (played with eFootball PES 2020) dedicated to professional football clubs.

Below you can find the results of the championship with an updated ranking:

Boavista                     2-0 / 2-3           Juventus

Monaco                      3-1 / 3-1           Nantes

Celtic Glasgow           2-2 / 3-2           Manchester United

Barcelona                  1-1 / 1-0           Arsenal

Bayern Monaco          1-0 / 1-0            Schalke 04

At the end of the third day, Monaco firmly maintains the leadership in the standings with 16 points thanks also to the feats of Usmakabyle and Kilzyou who also guide the paired ranking of the scorers with seven goals each.

The eSport team from Juventus, which sees two world champions among its ranks, has encountered several difficulties in the first game played against Boavista, the Portuguese have indeed managed to impose 2-0 after the first 90 minutes. Things changed in the second game where the Italian team managed to get the better of Boavista after a hard fought game (two goals from Ettorito97 and a goal in the 62nd minute of IlDistruttore).

The French derby between Monaco and Nantes saw the Monegasque leaders dominate their Breton rivals thanks to a double 3-1.

The third game of the day saw a challenge Celtic and Manchester United, the first game ended with the score 2-2. In the second match, thanks to the goal of INDOJAWA in the 57th minute, the Scottish team got the first championship victory that allowed him to overtake Arsenal.

The double match between Barcelona and Arsenal it was decided by just three goals that made it clear that both teams must improve something ahead if they want to intimidate the top teams. The first game ended in a 1-1 draw, in the second the Barcelona had the better thanks to a goal by Henrykinh0 in the first part of the game.

Bayern Munich - Schalke 04, Saturday's main match of the Bundesliga, was played not only at the Allianz Arena but also during the third day of the eFootball.Pro Championship. There double challenge at PES ended with a double success for Bayern which now occupies second place in the league standings.

The Best Goal and MVP awards of the second day, both worth € 10.000, were awarded to MESTRE (Bayern Munich) and ETTORITO97 (Juventus).

Below the calendar of the fourth day championship to be played on Saturday 8 February:

  • Schalke 04 vs Barcelona
  • Nantes vs Arsenal
  • Juventus vs Manchester United
  • Boavista vs Bayern München
  • Celtic Glasgow vs Monaco

So we just have to wait for February to find out if something will move from the ranking.