Today, Respawn Entertainment continues to expand Apex Legends' deep narrative with a new chapter Frontier stories that sheds light on the background of a new legend that is about to enter the arena of Confini del Mondo. Frontier stories today: Close Clashes they will upset the world with an unexpected twist that will affect what players can expect from Season 4 - Assimilation.

The new Legend Jimmie "Forge" McCormick, the former Hyper Fighting champion has arrived in Apex Legends, but a mysterious assassin is targeting him and his sponsor Hammond Robotics. A taste of the new enemy that gamers will encounter in Frontier stories Today is available in the official trailer.

Apex Legends Season 4 - Assimilation February 4 will arrive, inaugurating the next major expansion of seasonal content as part of the game's first anniversary celebrations. Players will find a host of new content, including a new Legend, news and surprises at the Borders of the World, Sentinel, a new sliding shutter sniper rifle and more, including loyalty rewards and a brand new Battle Pass. Additionally, Respawn recently announced the Series 3 Ranked Mode a new blog post which will include new six-week divisions, the new Master Level (with the best 500 players per platform) and much more.