Overwatch, one of the most important ip of Blizzard has not seen a substantial update for several months, but things could change.

Apparently Overwatch hasn't been receiving new content or updates in the meta for some time now game director Jeff Kaplan, seems to be aware of this lack of updates.

During a video, Kaplan announced that the Overwatch team is working to bring frequent updates with the intention of shaking the goal more frequently. That said, Kaplan takes the curtain down on a new variant of the main mode called Experimental Card. What is Experimental Card? It will be a mode where the Blizzard team will test different changes that could arrive stably in the game, among them we find new modes, different balances and some gems on here the developers are debating. But be careful, Experimental Card is not the PTS, or a PC server dedicated only to bug-testing.

Kaplan does not stop and announces for the competitive the arrival of a Hero Pool where only a few heroes will be available per week. The pool will be chosen by the developers instead of an algorithm. With Blizzard looking to create a dynamic goal and a different selection of heroes, the Hero Pool is slated for Season 21 on the competitive side. If the idea works, it could also go to Overwatch League.

What do you think of the changes Blizzard wants to bring? Are you curious about the Experimental Card mode or are you not interested? In the meantime, you have heard that Have Sword and Shield Pokémon sold 16 million copies in 45 days?