Pokémon Sword and Shield apparently is doing very well in sales, so well that it has placed 16 million copies in less than 2 months.

Nintendo has revealed that the new installation of the Pokemon series, now on Switch, has sold exactly 16.06 million copies. The data comes directly from Nintendo which revealed the latest profits generated by the company, with Switch reaching 52.48 million units.

Despite some criticisms against Pokemon Sword and Shield in being content-greedy games, the series is going well approaching the X and Y versions that sold 16.44 million while Sun and Moon is placed with 16.18 million.
In comparison games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe sold 22.96 million copies, Super Smash Bros Ultimate instead reaches 17.68 units.

The figures shown are based on the profits of the last 9 months and only 2 months have passed since Pokemon Spada e Scudo has been available for sale, precisely since November 15, exceeding the sales of Black and White that have placed on the market 15.16 million. In short, a huge result for the new series of pocket monsters.

Pokémon numbers will likely go up as a result of two expansions which add two end game adventures, the first coming in June 2020 and the second in the fall of the same year.

What do you think of the Sword and Shield result? Are you having fun with the new generation of Pokémon or did it turn up your nose? In the meantime, you have seen the trailer reveal of the new legend of Apex Legends?