Sony has great ideas for the future of remote PlayStation playback. To help the giant, in understanding the direction to take, an ad hoc survey has thought of it.

Indeed, a Reddit user said he received an email survey from Sony.

The main focus of the survey is on the PlayStation remote play feature which, at the moment, makes it possible to stream PS4 games to other devices including Android, iOS, PC and PS Vita smartphones.

One of the key questions, however, was asking players about how they felt they had access to remote play on multiple devices including Apple TV, Android TV and, more interestingly, Nintendo Switch.

There were five answers available, ranging from "not at all tempting" to "extremely captivating". We think we have an idea of ​​the answers given by most users.

Other questions concerned the evaluation of a possible offline remote play, access to PS1 and PS2 games, maps and exclusive remote play accessories, a more portable DualShock controller for on-the-go play and the possibility of using remote play with others controller (a mouse and keyboard, for example).

Of course, it is important to note that this is only a survey designed to evaluate the feelings of the PlayStation players and therefore there is no guarantee that Sony has any intention of implementing one of the features mentioned. And even if you decide to actively pursue one of the features based on user feedback, it may take years before we can see a working one.

However, it is clear that with the launch of PlayStation 5 approaching, Remote Play is still in Sony's intentions and its vision is even more ambitious and immersive, especially to counter the growing competition from Google's Stadia and Microsoft's Project xCloud.