Probably reading the title of this news you will have squinted but no, it is not an error and we have not pressed buttons at random: Schwerkraftprojektionsgerät is the name of a new puzzle game from Stephen Lavelle.

The developer, also known as "increpare", has created a variant of Tetris as simple in idea as difficult in being played: a pattern made up of four fields in which the piece does not start from above but from the center.

Fortunately there is no time limit and it is possible to choose calmly where to place the piece, but the difficulty lies in having to follow four schemes simultaneously, since a piece can fit perfectly into one of the four patterns but could ruin the others.

Schwerkraftprojektionsgerät is playable via browser and it was developed entirely in HTML: it is unlikely that it will be commercialized but all Tetris fans who want a greater challenge have found bread for their teeth.