In this period the rumors are circulating incessantly Nintendo Switch Pro out in 2020, but the Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa denies everything.

The leader of the Kyoto house, during a conference with the shareholders on the occasion of the closing of the fiscal year, announced that Nintendo Switch is in the middle of its life cycle. The focus of the company at the moment is to expand the user base thanks also to Nintendo Switch Lite, making it more popular with gamers.

“We have not yet fully reached users with the peculiarities of Nintendo switch lite, so we will continue to work to make it more attractive to gamers. we believe it is essential to continue to support the image of both the versions of nintendo switch, and this will lead to an expansion of our users. There are no plans for the launch of a third console model in 2020. "

With these words Shuntaro Furukawa has definitively denied any possibility of seeing a more powerful version of the hybrid console in 2020.