After unpleasant news from which it emerged that in Animal Crossing: New Horizon you can only have one island available during a game, some details arrive today on Multiplayer.

In the next chapter of Animal Crossing until 8 players will share the same island. This sharing is intended as permanent residents and not as visitors. Of these 8 users, well 4 will be able to play together at the same time on the same console. Different speech if you use more than one Nintendo Switch: it will be possible to play up to 8 player in local or online multiplayer. It will also be possible communicate with other players using an app from the Nook Phone call "Call Islander"; the latter will finally allow playing together.

Animal Crossing Call app

We believe that multiplayer modes may be critical for the evolution of the series, despite strongly marked by a multiplayer experience. We therefore look forward to getting updates on what will be all the activities you can do together with the other players.