The ROG STRIX FUSION 300 are gaming headsets with a not extremely pronounced look, elegant, with only two fixed color LEDs buttons to give them a touch of color. The FUSION 300 PNK take sobriety and throw it away from the window, presenting itself in a beautiful pink color, capable of spinning more than a few heads.

Apart from the color, there is no difference with the black colored FUSION 300. We have the same 50mm neodymium driver, same 32 Ohm input impedance, same 20-20000Hz frequency response. The integrated retractable microphone is a unidirectional, with frequency response from 50 to 10000Hz with a sensitivity of -39dB.

Fusion 300 PNK side view
With such a look, you will certainly stand out from the crowd.

The headphones connect to your devices through a 3,5mm jack or with a USB cable. In the first case, you have access to all devices with that type of connection and there is the possibility of piloting them with dedicated DACs. In the second, you can take advantage of the Asus Armory Crate software to be able to modify the equalizations of the headphones, control the white LEDs and activate effects in post process to better optimize the sound. The 7.1 surround effect can also be activated directly from the headphones, through a dedicated button on the left roof.

In all conditions of use, STRIX FUSION 300 sounds very good. The bass is emphasized as it suits Gaming headphones, but they are not overwhelming, nor exaggerated: they are in the right place for such a product. This makes this type of headphones more versatile than many equivalents, especially from the past. In recent years there has been a general move towards drives capable of offering fuller sound across the entire frequency range.

50mm drives make all the difference. The larger size of the speakers allows for a fuller sound, with more details of the music track coming out of the closet. After 5 hours of listening to Iron Maiden, Saxon and Nobuo Uematsu, I was satisfied across the board with the audio quality, especially when amplified by a dedicated DAC. This quality is also reflected in the gaming part. In this case, I found the virtualized 7.1 surround not very convincing, preferring to play with simple stereo sound, normally much clearer.

Armory Crate software for Fusion 300
Armory Crate starts quickly, has a modern and clean interface and everything is at your fingertips.

The retractable microphone is automatically deactivated when it is stored in its seat. I really liked this approach, it makes the line of headphones very clean and comfortable to store in any place without having to unplug an external microphone or have it sticking out with the risk of damaging it. The microphone is not very sensitive, but it retrieves information of the voice well and does not go to capture too many background noises. Communications via Discord or in game chats are clean and clear, without major problems. Again the Armory Crate software can help to better regulate the sound acquisition.

The headphones are comfortable to wear, with very comfortable cushions, which offer good insulation from the outside and do not make you sweat. The weight of 360 grams is well distributed, but over the long distance I found them a bit heavy to bear, but in general I prefer very light headsets. Even the shape of the pavilion, although enveloping, makes the body of the cap very rigid and presses very hard against the head.

The STRIX FUSION 300 PNK are therefore excellent 360 ° headphones for use, with a good sound performance, excellent in the game and able to have their say in the music field too. But most of all, I'm FASHION.