In 2018, in parallel with the announcement of the arrival of a new generation of consoles, the Sony had announced that revenues from its gaming department would drop. Latest data in hand, however, the situation seems worse than expected.

Le figures, relating to the October-December quarter of 2019, show a 20% decrease in sales compared to 2018. This decline has affected both PS4 hardware and third-party software. Operating income also fell, with a profit loss of 92,6 billion yen (approximately 162 million euros). As a result, the company was forced to revise its financial forecasts, reducing those for sales of 50 billion yen (414 million euros, about 3%), and those for operating income of 5 billion yen (41 million euros).

Obviously these figures are far from positive for Sony, but they were not entirely unexpected. However, they do not mean that the company is losing money (it is simply making less money). That said, the real surprise came from the software department, with a 7% drop. The losses could be partially justified by the many postponements that major PS4 titles have suffered. Doom Eternal it was due to come out in November and was postponed to March, while both Watch Dogs Legion and The Last Of Us Part II were moved from 2019 to 2020.

The only positive data is the trend of the PS Plus. Sony's subscription registered an increase of over two million users, from 36,3 to 38,8 million. Apparently Sony customers have decided to save money in view of the release of PlayStation 5.