After the statements made regarding Astral ChainPlatinum Games returns to talk about another of his projects: Scalebound.

Atsushi Inaba is unleashed today. Questioned by the microphones of Eurogamer, the Japanese producer commented on Scalebound, title subsidized by Microsoft as exclusive for its platforms and then deleted for various problems in the course of development.

“Scalebound is an intellectual property that is 100% owned by Microsoft. Whatever happens with this project, we are unable to decide the fate without Microsoft's approval. However, it remains a game we are in love with and, if the opportunity arises, we would be really happy to take it back in hand "

After the rumors of last year concerning the return of the IP in the ranks of the Nintendo library, we finally see one official statement on the matter to one of the biggest disappointments in the sector in recent times.

We could only be truly happy if Microsoft finally opens the possibility of allowing the Software House to finish the work on the promising video game.