In 2018, Blizzard had submitted Warcraft III: Reforged al Blizzcon creating huge expectations. At the exit of the game, however, part of those promises were not kept. The fanbase exploded in a rage that led the title to earn the lowest score ever on Metacritic0,4 (it then rose to 0,5).

Blizzard apologized and promised an improvement in the online situation, with the addition of new features in the coming days. There low cut-scene quality instead it was justified as a greater loyalty to the original product. This understandably did not calm the clientele, and Blizzard was forced to make an unprecedented move: to offer an unconditional refund.

The news that Blizzard was offering "Automatic and unconditional refunds”Was turned on the diver Reddit of Warcraft III around February 3, but still many users were reporting rejected refunds. In a couple of days, however, Blizzard seems to have convinced itself to go down this road.

Un message in technical support Blizzard says:

“Blizzard cares about the quality of its products and services. We normally place a limit on the availability of refunds, based on the purchase date and playing time. Despite this, we want to give a refund option to anyone who thinks that Warcraft III: Reforged does not return the desired experience. So we have authorized any refunds currently requested. You can ask for a refund here, on the support page. "

The process is fairly straightforward, as the message redirects directly to the refund page. If you have a Warcraft III: Reforged account you will simply have to continue from there and get your money back.