In the world of video games we have often heard statements that are out of line, sometimes truthful and sometimes exaggerated; we don't really know where to place those of Kazunori Yamauchi, boss of Polyphony Digital, who talked about the former Gran Turismo.

During interviewin fact, Yamauchi has compared the first historic chapter of the PlayStation series to the Beatles as importance in the related sectors, music and video games. Without Gran Turismo, according to the head of Polyphony Digital, we would never have had the driving simulators as we know them today.

In 1997 I think we created something that many expected, something that had to be ordinary and no longer extraordinary.

This is what happened with the Beatles: they created pop music making it normal today. Without them we would never have had pop music and that's what makes someone really creative.

Definitely a risky comparison, given that driving simulators existed even before Gran Turismo: the title of Yamauchi, however, must be given credit for making the genre truly within everyone's reach and perhaps, in this excellent one, the comparison is not really that impossible.