The phenomenon of virtual Idols does not seem to stop. Started in 2007 with Hatsune Miku, the phenomenon in recent years has begun to embrace other platforms such as Youtube (Kizuna AI, for example, if we wanted to mention the most popular) e Twitch (sachiowo) and has also recently landed on platforms red light.

Projekt Melody, this is the name of the first Hentai Camgirl that in 72 hours has been successful not only on Youtube and Patreon, but also on the Chaturbate platform, even reaching the section trends of the website.

However, the project does not seem to stop at the simple day of fame, but also wants to try to promote the entire Hentai landscape (or almost), through awareness and discussion videos, as in this video:

What do you think? In your opinion, how far could the phenomenon of Virtual Idols go?