Vagrant Story, action rpg license plate Squaresoft, celebrates its XNUMXth anniversary today. Two new ones were presented for the occasion Bring Arts Figures dedicated to the characters.

Square Enix has in fact communicated via twitter that it is working on two action figures inspired by Vagrant Story, precisely on the Bring Arts of Ashley and Sydney. At the moment the only information we have is the prototypes that you can see below.

Born from the brilliant mind of Hironobu Sakaguchi (former creator of Final Fantasy) and from Yasuni Matsuno, Vagrant Story arrived in Italy on June 10, 2000 on PlayStation, with a slight delay compared to Japan. Never forgotten by fans who are now clamoring for a new IP, perhaps with a next-gen remake, the title has never had a sequel.

We hope that Square Enix will listen to the public, giving new life to a decidedly original and stylish title.