Anthem is one year old and Bioware prepares a complete redesign.

This is what emerges in a post on the official blog of the software house signed by Casey Hudson, general manager of Bioware.

In the note, Hudson points out how, during the past year, the team has been committed to improving stability, performance and overall "Quality of Life" of the title, releasing three seasons with new content.

GM however acknowledged how the game still needs to "A lot of fundamental work to bring the gaming experience to its full potential". Jobs that will require more than an update or normal expansion.

Therefore, in the months to come, Bioware will engage in a "Complete long-term redesign of the experience, reinvigorating the heart of the gameplay loop with interesting challenges and a progression with sensible rewards, while preserving the fun of flying and fighting in a fantasy scenario".

Anthem will therefore continue to be supported, but Hudson said how the current season structure will be abandoned as the team focuses on building the future of the game.

The looter shooter published by EA it will therefore continue with simple events and the revival of past seasonal contents and Cataclysm, starting with the anniversary of the game.

Anthem 2.0 or Anthem Next, as renamed by someone, it will therefore be reality and the players seem already eagerly waiting to see how Bioware will try to put up a bankruptcy title but with an interesting concept.

The hype generated by the post, in fact, was such as to make the Bioware blog inaccessible for a few hours.