After the bad news of the postponement, we are finally here: The Last of Us - Part 2 has entered the final stages of development, as it wanted to let it know N in official blog PlayStation.

We are excited to report that just as you read these lines, we are in the final stages of production and are making the final touches to The Last of Us: Part 2.

At this point, we really took a big step towards launching the game. We know that you have been very patient in recent years, it is fantastic for us to see a product take shape and to know that it will soon be in your hands.

The last months due to the postponement (The Last of Us - Part 2 should have been released three months earlier than the 29st May) are served just for filing the finishing touches and make the game even more enjoyable.

An expectation that, most likely, will repay us with a new great game.