Like every week, Epic Games Store gives us a couple of titles to redeem for free and to enrich our libraries.

This time it's the turn of Kingdom Come: Deliverance of Aztez.

The first is a extremely deep and complex RPG action (but also famous for having a few bugs too ...) set in the reign of Bohemia in the 1400s. The game is provided in its basic version, which will be possible to convert to the Royal Edition at a discounted price of 11,99 euros for the duration of the promotion .

The second one is an independent game developed by Colorblind team (consisting of just two people). It is a highly stylized and original title, which tries to mix a sliding fighting game with the turn-based strategy, in a setting strongly inspired by the pre-invasion Spanish Aztec Empire.

Both games are already freely downloadable from the Epic Games Store and will be until 17.00 on 20 February.