PUBG, Short for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, you are about to get rich with one new game mode.

Starting from the distribution of the6.2 update of the title, users will be able to embark on the game queue in mode team deathmatch. The difference from the other similar instances that have been made available over the various seasons is that the match will already begin Vs. 8 8. This mode will only be playable in first person and with friendly fire disabled.

PUBG's Team Deathmatch will consist of 8 vs 8 fights on 7 different battlefields, selected from your favorite maps. Choose from the various weapon kits available to you and use them together with the classic PUBG mechanics to make your way to victory! Whether you enjoy the relentless challenge of 8v8 battles, or are looking for a new way to train your weapon skills in close-up combat scenarios, this Arcade mode will do it for you.

Recall that theupdating di PUBG in question is currently available on the test servers. The launch should therefore be imminent.