After dAItto, we are happy to bring to your attention another Italian and equally fascinating project: Gamindo! After months of development and testing, the platform is finally online and downloadable by everyone. But what exactly is Gamindo?

Born from an idea of ​​Nicolò Santin who convinces his first partner, Matteo Albrizio, to found the company, Gamindo is a smartphone app containing several games (for this we talk about platform), multiplayer and not, that allow you to acquire gems at the end of each game. These gems, contrary to what you may think, are not the usual in-game currency: they have economic value. Economic value that you can decide to donate to charity to one or more of the associations and non-profit organizations present on the platform.
But how do these gems have a value? Thanks, of course, to the advertising investments made by the companies that promote themselves within the platform.
Gamindo's mission is therefore very clear: to allow people to donate without spending and, above all, having fun.

The project has certainly not gone unnoticed: in addition to our attention (we had been following Gamindo for a while), the idea of ​​Santin and associates has already won the National Innovation Award in the Italian Senate and the Seal of Excellence of the European Commission.
If you also want to support this Italian experience or simply learn more, I leave you the place and page FB Official. Of course, don't forget to download the app from your store! A great good luck to the whole team.
Below is an excerpt from the press release:

Between colorful puzzle games and multiplayer challenges, Gamindo already contains a dozen games sponsored by as many companies, but not only. In fact, it is already possible to donate your accumulated gems to various non-profit organizations, including the Buzzi Children's Hospital in Milan and Emergency. Gamindo is therefore a platform where everyone wins: people can have fun and donate without spending, companies can promote themselves in an innovative and high social impact way, and non-profit organizations can raise funds without costs by raising awareness of their social causes.

"As evidenced by the extraordinary movement unleashed by Greta Thunberg - underlines Nicolò Santin, CEO and founder of Gamindo - the issue of sustainability has become central in our company, especially among the youngest". At the same time, we are witnessing an exponential growth in the gaming market (bigger than the cinema and music combined!), With phenomena like Fortnite or Candy Crash and with over 2,3 billion gamers worldwide. Precisely for this reason Gamindo was born. If until yesterday playing video games was a simple pastime, from today it can have a positive impact on society and the combination of video games-donations appears natural today.

Start saving the real world, and not just the virtual world, by playing video games.