The success of Tekken 7, the last chapter of the series history Bandai Namco it doesn't seem to stop even after 3 years from its arrival on console. Arrived at the third season pass which saw the introduction of new characters including Leroy Smith and the return of old glories like Zafina, the title has reached 5 million copies sold.

TEKKEN 7To confirm it is the producer of the title, Katsushiro Harada through its social channels. Tekken 7 therefore becomes one of the best-selling fighting games in Japan of this generation, flanked by other titles such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (15 Mln) and longtime rivals like Street Fighter V (4 million) e Mortal Kombat X (11 Mln). In addition, the numbers on Twitch also show the growing popularity of the last chapter of the series. During the last EVO, the total number of viewers has reached 250.000 users.