Media Molecule, creators of Little Big Planet and Teraway, have finally landed on PlayStation 4 with the complete version of their latest work: Dreams.

Over the years the software house has grown and with it has also evolved the mold of its titles, up to the sum of their entire career with a title landed on a console now at sunset of its life cycle. Let me be clear, perhaps for a software house the moment when the end of a generation is approaching is the best to publish their games (maximum hardware distribution and little competition), but the question arises: there will be a PlayStation 5 version?

Well, the question seems to have partially answered Alex Evans, one of the founders of the software house.

“Obviously we'll think about it, we're a PlayStation studio after all. Actually Dreams already runs on PlayStation 5: here it is, this is the scoop. But only for us developers / explorers. I would lie to you if I said we already thought about it, but there are literally zero floors at the moment. To be honest, therefore, I will not say dates or announce it at this time. "

From the words released to microphones of Eurogamer it seems clear that one PS5 version of the title seems not only to be very likely, but even the developers have already tested its feasibility.