new world

Amazon Game Studios has released a new one developer diary concerning his MMORPG output, N.

The dev diary has revealed three of the enemy factions we will meet on Forever: the Lost, the Angry Earth and the Ancients.

The player will cross his path with these three factions, taking on the role of a seventeenth century explorer, shipwrecked on an island full of hidden secrets and dominated by monsters and creatures of all kinds.

In the developer diary "Fight the World", the characteristics of the three factions mentioned above have been described.

I Lost they are wandering bodies of sailors and pirates shipwrecked on the island.

- Angry Earth they are protectors of the island, ready to repel the invaders.

- ancients instead, they are a technologically advanced civilization, fallen into mysterious circumstances.

Players will also be challenged by a mysterious power that permeates the island, called The Corrupted, which can for example block roads or summon portals that can be used by enemies to attack certain areas.

New World is Amazon Game Studios' first MMO and will be a sandbox with a deep crafting system, player-led economy and territorial invasions.

The game is currently in alpha and will be released in May 2020.