Service retrogaming di Nintendo Switch Online, which offers its subscribers a selection of titles that have appeared on NES e SNES, is updated for the month of February bringing new titles ... but the community is not happy.

As you can see from the comments below the video, adding just two titles for both consoles, Smash Tennis e Pop 'n TwinBee speaking of titles for SNES and Shadow of Ninja and Eliminator Boat Duel for NES, the absence on the platform of other thick games such as Earthbound (title already available within the SNES Classic Mini) and the lack of constancy of Nintendo itself in updating the catalog is not something that the community can digest and has started to be felt with the only tool available: the dislike. The video ratio is currently 7308 I like it against 11.190 I do not like.

What do you think? Will Nintendo adjust the shot with the next update and be able to please everyone?