From today the players of Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled will be able to face the challenges of the last Grand Prix scheduled for the title: Gasmoxia. With the event in question, many new contents will be added to CTR, including a new track, a new character and many new kart models to use.

After deciding that Earth is no longer of interest to him, the evil Nitros Oxide challenged Crash and his team in a final epic challenge on his home planet in Gasmoxia Grand Prix! In this race in toxic clouds, players will compete in a new and epic track in the atmosphere of Gasmoxia, where two big rival fast-food companies fight each other for dominance of the planet (and a sponsorship of the CTR TV). New skins, karts, an arrogant new character to unlock and a new track to conquer, considered the most technical ever built in Crash Team Racing - players will be able to try their hand at wild races this Season!

With the arrival of the eighth season, CTR Nitro Fueled will boast a total of 40 tracks, 12 Arenas and over 50 characters. Appointment therefore at 16:00 of today's date to take advantage of the new content.