The creator of the series Mortal Kombat Ed Boon recently posted on his twitter account from more than half a million followers a survey: what aspect of the new generation consoles, PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series X is it more important to you?

The choices offered were low prices, improved graphics, exclusive games and backwards compatibility. The answers of more than 50.000 people have awarded the low price as the most important aspect, with over 37% of preferences. Around 30% of users chose backward compatibility, 19 graphics and only 13 exclusive.

Although it should be emphasized that a similar survey has no statistical value for several reasons, the results may surprise you. Surely they surprised Boon, who said he was amazed at the result of the exclusives.

The new consoles do not yet have an official price, even if from some indiscretions that dthe PlayStation 5 may have some hikes due to a shortage of components. The launch date, however, is approaching and details of the genre will soon be made public.

To make a comparison, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One cost $ 400 and $ 500 respectively at launch. The Microsoft console was priced higher because of the included Kinect. The device was later removed and the price reduced.

Microsoft has been more open than Sony in revealing the details of the new console, announcing some already at the Game Awards of 2019. The Japanese company has not yet shown any official details of PlayStation 5.