One of the few choices that hit the spot during the Nintendo Wii U era was the marketing of Amiibo. Mattel seems to want to try now by producing a line dedicated to Minecraft Earth.

These figurines will be sold to dollars 5,00 each. They will be called Boost Minis. Thanks to them NFC technology, just like the Nintendo license, will unlock timed upgrades within the game. These power up will allow players to reduce the time for building today or increase the values ​​of the statistics. Conceptually similar to Amiibo therefore, but different in substance: in Minecraft Earth in fact they would be content aimed at facilitating the gaming experience, a situation diametrically opposed to the statues of Mario & Co., which aimed to enrich it (except in some cases) with objects or collectibles merely in outline.


We will be waiting to receive information for possible distribution on the Italian market. We remember in fact that the American toy company distributes under license on our territory through Giochi Preziosi.