In these hours even here in Italy we are going through complicated moments because of the coronavirus. Fortunately the alert levels are not as high as in China, in which people, in order to carry out physical activity without being able to leave the house, are equipped with Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch.

According to the reportage made by SCMP, in these hours there is a real post boom on Chinese social networks where users recover, you intend to play the title in question. What's the problem? Ring Fit is not directly distributed in China. For this reason, the imported video game distributors seem to have taken note of this, raising the price dramatically. To date we have come to dollars 170 Americans for a copy of the title. About twice what would normally be sold.

At least to appreciate the good steering wheel of Asian gamers in wanting to keep fit, even in unhappy moments like these. We believe that wanting to keep normality as far as possible is always the right medicine.