Have you played Mass Effect? Well, you almost certainly made hero decisions.

According to the former film designer of BioWare, John Ebenger, circa il 92% of the Mass Effect players played the game making "good" decisions.

"Yup. Something like 92% of Mass Effect players were Heroes. And we also put a lot of work into Renegade content :( “

Hero and Renegade are the two sides of the moral system of the trilogy, which sees players choose between different actions or lines of dialogue that favor one or the other side. Hero points are obtained through acts of heroism or compassion. On the contrary, the renegade points are received through acts of selfishness.

BioWare would have experimented with this system throughout the trilogy. While in the original Mass Effect morality was based on a total score, in Mass Effect 2 it worked on percentages. Significant changes were made within the third chapter, which introduced a single reputation meter to which both scores contribute. There trilogy however, she is remembered with a lot of affection from the users who played it, we hope that Bioware can recover after the last not exactly positive events.