Rainbow Six Siege SteamRainbow Six: Siege is more popular today than ever before hit its highest peak ever on Steam since the date of its publication.

Siege hit 180.463 contemporary online players, breaking all of its previous records.

The title is currently on discount and this has certainly been helpful in obtaining such a result, but the records were usually recorded in the frequent free weekends of the game.

It is impressive how Rainbow Six: Siege records a similar figure on Steam four years after its launch but, analyzing the numbers, it is anything but surprising.

According to data available on SteamCharts, Rainbow Six: Siege has seen its playerbase steadily increase from November 2019 to today, with growth always between 1% and 20%.

In evaluating this data, it should also be taken into account how, a large slice of the community, directly launch the game from Uplay without going through Steam.

The numbers then, would become even more important considering the proprietary platform of Ubisoft, PS4 and Xbox One.

Rainbow Six Siege SteamConstant support over time

Rainbow Six: Siege has just entered its Year 5 ed the related pass was recently issued.

This has brought numerous advantages for subscribers such as, for example, the seven days of early access on new operators and the usual aesthetic contents.

To make matters worse, Ubisoft has previously announced to Six Invitational how a Year 6 pass is already planned and will accompany the release of 4 new operators.