ArmadilloMan has released a new version of its BetterMovement mod for The Witcher 3. As the title suggests, this mod aims to improve Geralt's movement, who will be more sensitive to our commands.

In detail, this mod adds 4 presets for each change category. Players can also edit each aspect individually. There is also a real-time mode that makes Geralt move in a style very similar to DOOM's Doomguy. In addition, this mod solves the age-old problems related to dodges and elusive moves that sometimes turned out to be a bit distorted.

The latest version of BetterMovement also eliminates the problems related to some animations, such as Geralt's continuous rotation movement when the animation freezes. In addition, it adds a speed multipliers section. This allows you to increase your shooting speed, swimming speed and walking speed during combat. The speed of the walk in combat will be active by disabling the function: "run in combat".

You can download this latest version of BetterMovement here .