Malgrado Bandai Namco holds the rights, at least in the distribution, of the most disparate titles, the video games most associated with it are those dedicated to brands related to Shonen Jump. Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Peace, My Hero Accademia and many others.

The General Manager of the Japanese company, Ryo Mito, revealed, during an interview released for the pages of VJump some development background of such games. Today we offer you a short excerpt:

"I have worked on games for many Jump series ( Saint Seiya, One Piece, MHA, Shaman King), and even with the Dragon Ball franchise. In all I think I've reached about 20 titles. Our company has a "Jump Team", dedicated to the only development linked to the reference brand. Initially, we were in the role of Producer and when we went to show Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit to the publisher there was a lot of criticism, and we had to do it again in 3 months."Finally adds Myth, "I still think that there is still no proper respect for our titles, so I hope that by continuing to develop them, people will be thrilled with our work.. "

Bandai Namco would therefore like that, in the coming years, the popularity rating of the titles dedicated to Shonen Jump brand can finally explode.