The remake of Half-Life, Black Mesa, is about to be published in its final form after a long period in Early Access. Most of the game is over and playable for some time but with the arrival of the new levels, some changes to the map and improvements of the AI, the last goal is finally approaching.

The developer Crowbar collective announced the final publication date: 5 March. The head of the studio Adam Engles revealed the date in a post, also talking about the long game development that started in 2006 as an unofficial mod.

“Thanks to hard work, luck and perhaps a little ignorance, we managed to hit our target to complete this game. We are proud of what we have created. We think this version 1.0 is the best, the most refined and fun of the game. "

Engles points out, however, that development is not over. There will still be bugs to fix and he doesn't want expectations to be unrealistic.

"It's not about minimizing or apologizing, but as a person who writes most of these media posts, I think it's important to break away from marketing and hype."

If you want to try Black Mesa before March 5th you can buy it on Steam since, as already mentioned, it is playable from start to finish and is much larger than the team had planned. The most substantial addition probably concerns Xen, the alien world that cannot be explored in the original game.