Team17 Studios has finally unveiled its next indie: Ageless, a growth-based puzzle platformer coming on PC e Nintendo Switch, the debut work of the developer One More Dream Studios.

In Ageless, the player follows the story of Kiara, a young woman holding a rare magical artifact. His arcin fact, it possesses the power of change the age of vegetation and animals it affects, making them age or rejuvenate. The gameplay will alternate exploration sections with some puzzles, and the key to continuing will lie in making the best use of the weapon.

However, as good superhero stories teach us, great responsibilities come from great powers. Kiara will find herself forced to pay a terrible price for the use of its artifact, which will become clear as the plot advances.

Find below the ad trailer. If you are interested in finding out more information on Ageless, we invite you to visit the official Steam page. We also invite you to discover others indie announced on Nintendo Switch.