You know the annoyance of being defeated in a roguelike and lose any accumulated power ups, then be forced to start over? Disc Room, the new title of Devolver Digital, exactly follows this formula ... with a small but fundamental change.

The player is called to explore a mysterious one floating disk, which contains a maze of corridors and wandering electric saws. The difference from many other dungeons, though, is that in case of death the protagonist will gain new power, different according to the obstacle that killed him. The further you explore, the more treacherous the dangers, the stronger the upgrade you will receive with defeat.

Disc Room was developed by Kitty Calis, Doseone, Jan Willem Nijman, and Terri Vellmann, whose previous works They include Enter the Gungeon, Gang Beasts e Heavy bullets. Considering the quality of these games, their new project sounds very promising.

You can take a look at the title through his first trailer, which you find below. In case you decide to visit the PAX East 2020, you can try one demo previewed at the Devolver Digital stand.