Punctually as every last Wednesday of the month PlayStation, through its site and its social channels, has revealed what are the titles that the service of the PS Plus will allow to download for free to its subscribers. For the month of March the remake di Shadow of the Colossus e Sonic Forces.

Shadow of the Colossus is a famous title released back in 2005 by Sony Interactive Entertainment as a PS2 exclusive, where you will play as Wander, a young boy who must seek out and defeat giants in order to bring the girl back to life Mono. The remake, published in February 2018, enjoys a remarkable graphic reinterpretation that makes the work of Smoking Ueda.

The second game, Sonic Forces, is an action platform released by SEGA in 2017 in which you can make the famous blue hedgehog race by Sonic within 3D or side scrolling levels, trying to foil yet another diabolical plane of the Dr. Eggmann. In Sonic Forces you can also create your own character, choosing it from seven different animal species, so you can also use it in Tag mode.

The two games will be downloadable from 3 March, and until then you still have time to get it for free BioShock - The Collection, The Sims 4 e Firewall Zero Hour.