Nintendo has finally revealed the identity of the mysterious little monster he had anticipated with one silhouette a few days ago. It's about Zarude, a new mysterious type Pokémon Dark / Grass, who will join Galar's Pokédex on a date yet to be determined. You can check it out in the trailer official, which you find in the attachment below. In addition, it has been confirmed that will have a role in the new movie, even if no more information has been disclosed.

Zarude has the ability Leaf Guard, which allows him to prevent status problems and the Yawning move in strong sunlight. For the uninitiated, a mysterious Pokémon is one semi-legendary creature which in recent generations was often associated with an exclusive event - such as Deoxys for the third and Victini for the fifth.

It has not yet been revealed how this monster will be introduced in Pokémon Sword and Shield but they have been promised more details in the future, therefore we are waiting.