Frictional Games, developer of the well-known horror titles Amnesia e SOMA, has finally decided to reveal some details about his next game. In the last hours a short and cryptic has been published teaser called "I am Tasi", in which a mysterious person goes through a desert repeating to itself the sentence that makes up the title. Whoever she is, she is trying to find "someone" and finds herself facing one cave, from which a bluish light comes out. Here is the video.

But the information doesn't stop there. Some dataminers have delved into the page code and discovered a another video not listed, which contains an audio track. According to what emerged, the setting of the game should be somehow related to the ancient Egypt and triple crown of Atef, an artifact linked to rebirth. There are also references to a experiment went "partially well" and to a shaped symbol eye.

All these clues already give us a general idea of ​​what the setting of the new game, which the creators of Amnesia are currently developing. The premise is definitely interesting and we are curious to find out more about it.