We are now in full fever since Animal Crossing. From PAX East 2020 they arrive new details about the game, as a personalization of the NookPhone and new fish.

From the new video content disclosed, for which we thank USGamer e GameXplain, it has emerged that players will have several new features and content within the title. First of all there will be the possibility to buy custom covers for your phone, doormats to be placed inside your home and other objects such as leggings and bags.

In addition, the sea ​​turtles like fish. Always in the field marine, you will receive do-it-yourself patterns through i bottled messages, which will therefore also be reintroduced in Animal Crossing: New Horizon.

Finally we mention the new functionality perhaps most interesting for the most experienced players. The camera will also be adjustable in outdoor spaces, thus proposing, for the most nostalgic, one visual similar to that of the first title of the Saga. How many of you played the original Nintendo GameCube title?