The fan-made remaster of one of the most beautiful moments of World of Warcraft

A splendid work, fruit of the passion of some fans, renewed the scene of Arthas' death


Ten years have passed since the players of World of Warcraft they have been called to assault Icecrown to defeat the Lich Arthas one by one. The conclusive cinematic of that expansion, Wrath of the lich king, is definitely an impact movie, but its graphics are starting to age. Nothing that particularly passionate fans couldn't solve.

Blizzard had done what she could with the tools available in 2009, but those primitive models with immobile hair and no expressions didn't do justice to the moment Arthas passed the crown to his successor. But the work of Pivotal, with the help of MasterVertex for the animations, Dedrich for the 3D part and the project management of Kayes, has revived the original cinematic.

World of Warcraft
Here is a scene from the original cinematic
World of Warcraft
And here's what it looks like in remastered

The lighting is more dynamic, the expressions are more human, and in general the livory of Pivotal was fantastic. The passion that these fans have put into the project is evident, as also emerges from the description of the video posted on YouTube.

“Wrath of The Lich King is was the first expansion that we played in full and at the same time the last chance to reconnect to the events of Warcraft III. This is where we met many of our friends, where we experienced the thrill of raids and PVP, and where we saw the bitter end to Arthas' story. A decade has passed and our experience with WoW is coming to an end, but this remains one of the memories we are most fond of. We believe there is no better way to remember and appreciate the time we spent on WoW than with the cinematic that concluded that expansion. "