With the success of recent transpositions like Detective Pikachu e Sonic, the idea of ​​producing a movie based on Monster Hunter certainly seems to be a brilliant gimmick. Although it is not really the center of attention, also considering that the teaser dates back to 8 months ago, we now know the exit date in theaters and we can expect some trailers or more details on the film shortly.

The long awaited material could be shown just tomorrow, on the occasion of the PAX East 2020. The fair will be used to promote the Monster Hunter film and, as a bonus, all participants will receive one couple of posters. The latter show Tony Jaa e Milla Jovovich, the protagonists of the story, while taking on the weaponry with an extremely faithful design to the Capcom franchise. Some of you may well know theirs name: why don't you try to guess?

Monster Hunter Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter will be released in theaters on 4 September 2020.