A few days after launch, Team Ninja has decided to publish the Final Demo of his latest effort: Nioh 2.

You are too impatient to wait until 13 March, the day of release of the exclusive PlayStation 4? Don't worry, you can download the demo from the PlayStation Store. But be careful, you can only play with it until March 1, after that date the file (from the weight of 13.25 GB) will automatically deactivate. Here is the trailer:

The description of the Final Demo of Nioh 2 reads: “It is your last chance to try this 'masocore' RPG before the launch of the full game! Discover a new combat system, new weapons and new abilities as you battle through the devastating and realistic Battle of Mount Tennō on a wild, brutal and action-packed level. Have fun with a deep character creator to shape your samurai, which you can transfer to the full game. Survive the battle and earn the Mark of the Killers, an award that allows you to unlock the Kamaitachi helmet from the Altar in play, and which you can use in the full game. "

Are you ready to go hunting for demons back in feudal Japan?