The organizer and founder of EVO Joey Cuellar confirmed today on Twitter and "There are no plans to cancel or postpone EVO 2020". The event will be held between July 31 and August XNUMX, in the usual location a Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. EVO is the largest competitive wrestling video game tournament in the USA.

The statement comes after a series of postponements that have hit some major events in the gaming world, caused by New Coronavirus. Important events such as the Taipei Game Show or the Game Developer Conference have been postponed to summer, while the organizers of theE3 have ensured that the event will be held as planned.

Given that EVO was expected to take place in the summer anyway, the tournament organizers followed the same path as E3, deciding not to take action against the CoVid-19 epidemic, which has now also reached the USA.

EVO will have nine main games, from old acquaintances like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Street Fighter V, Samurai Shodown, and Under Night In-Birth, to novelties like Granblue Fantasy Versus, plus the invitation-only tournament. Marvel Vs Capcom 2. Last month Cuellar also revealed the ranking of the games with the most recordings so far, which was run by Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, with almost double the number of participants compared to last year.