To Ash"Do you accept death? Or are you afraid of it? ". This is the main theme of To Ash, new title as a gift on the digital platform Indiegala.

To Ash is an RPG called "old-school" but with a particular feature: as you progress through the game, you become weaker rather than stronger.

Our protagonist is indeed Demitric, adventurer who has already reached the end of his journey and, for this reason, is already a powerful fighter. But everyone's story, sooner or later, must come to an end.

The theme of the game is therefore death and its acceptance. With a subject written by a therapist, To Ash presents itself as a very atypical narrative RPG and with a particularly profound message.

It will be possible to face the game in two modes: a Full Experience with variable duration of 6-10 hours and one Adventure Mode which will see the absence of combat and strategy, while retaining the narrative part, exploration and puzzles of the game. The duration of the latter is between 3 and 5 hours.

This type of structure has been designed to meet the needs of both veterans of the genre and newbies who want to enjoy history only.

To Ash, as mentioned, it is already downloadable for free on the Indiegala platform.