There is very little left before the arrival of Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch. This is an event expected by fans around the world for quite some time now. In fact, we remember that the last chapter of the brand came out in 2012, eight years ago.

Despite the long and spasmodic wait we are no longer able to stay in the skin, thinking and rethinking some of the gods most beautiful moments and surprising that, as the brand's gamers, we have lived through the years. Immersing ourselves in such memories is a sweet, almost comfortable sensation I dare say. We will therefore try to convey the same feelings to you sharing with you some of the best moments that have characterized Animal Crossing and your virtual world.

The journey to the village

We are in 2004. At the time I was an eleven year old boy intent on discovering the wonders offered by the little Nintendo Gamecube. In the year of titles unknown to me, the name of this phantom came to the ear Animal Crossing, a truly addictive game, in which real time corresponds to the time spent in the game itself. Conceptually I fell in love immediately. I still remember that on the day of the release I didn't have enough pocket money set aside to buy it. So I decided to bring back an avalanche of games from my library to the neighborhood shop of the time (which still stands still today) in order to grab the first chapter of the brand that arrived in the West.

I ran home, put the disc in the console and, after a short talk with KK, here we are: a traveling train and a free seat in front of us. The rest is history ...

A resident always pays his debts (semicit)

Okay, it's probably not going to be a shocking or unexpected event. Each Animal Crossing, however, revolves almost exclusively around this pretext and it was therefore my duty to dedicate a few lines to it.

The feeling of having paid off a debt with Tom Nook has a double reading key. You finally feel free from the harassment of that damned and greedy raccoon, but at the same time the player already knows he has to put himself back in his hands in order to upgrade or expand his home. And this is where the magic lies. The effort to accumulate little stars always comes paid off with an upgrade of the house. Pure fulfillment, as well as a pretext for gameplay as simple as it is ingenious.

Memorable in our memories, the jingle typical of when a debt is paid off.

Oh Reset, Reset, why are you Reset?

Mr. Resetti it has probably become one of the most recognizable symbols of the whole brand. In his first appearances he managed to amaze the players by breaking through the fourth wall and scolding us for our failure to save.

The effect waned Wow of this interaction, users have been left with only the feeling of annoyance caused by the length of the character in the dialogues for many years. Well Nintendo decided in 2012 to make us understand how wrong we were all, removing from New Leaf (in the initial parts) the mole and his whole family. So it was that, at the first start after a failed save, all the players suddenly realized how important and comfortable the figure of Mr. Resetti was.

Sigh of relief after finally "unlocking" him by paying good money to build the seat of his new office, and a smile on his face looking back on all those first encounters at each chapter of the series.

It's raining gifts

Animal Crossing plays a lot on the time factor. Longevity is an almost ephemeral concept in a similar production. For this reason, collecting objects, whether they are clothes or furnishings, takes a lot of time to spend. The objects on sale in the shops are limited and daily, so the search for a specific product is likely to become somewhat frustrating.

I gifts. They can happen from passing animals, obtained by helping their fellow citizens or literally arriving from the sea or from the sky (Uaaaaaa, un palloncinoooo !!!!!); the fact is that receiving a new hat or an exotic model of carpet in a totally unexpected way always manages to warm the hearts of us videogamers.

Unexpected events

The maximum depiction of an unexpected event in Animal Crossing I think is that moment when the player, walking along the beach in search of shells, sees a fin emerge from the surface of the water. Who knows the game knows that it would probably be a rare fish, which would be added to the Aquarium present in each edition of the game, or trivially sold for a large sum of stars.

- random events over the years they have proved to be the lifeblood for player sessions. We are talking about UFOs, beached inhabitants following an accident at sea or leaving the house and hearing the announcement of some daily event.

DLIN DLON “Take part in the insect catching competition! Go to the square and talk to Mayor Tortimer to register "


Yes, Travel ...

Who played the first two titles of the brand, on Gamecube e Nintendo DS of course, he knows that one of the biggest wishes of the fans was to be able to explore new scenarios.

Of course, in Wild World this possibility was barely mentioned, but in Let's go to the city you could literally take a bus and explore, with all the limitations of the case, a city! Breaking the monotony of the usual village is certainly a memorable moment for every long-term player who has lived the whole history of the simulation title by Nintendo.

The tradition is then pleasantly continued in New Leaf, where it was possible to visit the shopping street and a tropical island managed by Tortimer.

Wi-Fi Connection

Nintendo and 2005 in the same sentence unquestionably mean one thing: Wi-Fi Connection.

A geological era seems to have passed, but in reality only 15 years. At the time, modems equipped with a wireless module were not very widespread and the bandwidth frequency could cause large connection deficits. To overcome this problem, Japanese society thought of market a stick to be connected to any PC, which would have allowed ours Nintendo DS to enter the net.

La Animal Crossing: Wild World marketing campaign it was based almost solely on this function. After hundreds of hours of wandering around their village on their own, the players were finally able to visit their friends comfortably seated on the sofa at home.

An epochal turning point for the entire market: to connect, to find oneself in the village of an American player, to "steal" a fruit that in our village does not yet grow, to go home and plant that same fruit to obtain an exotic culture. All this has something of poetic.

More Animal Crossing, Less Dating App

Interacting with one's fellow citizens takes place in a rather atypical way for a series of such titles. We are in all respects talking about a simulation game, but the possibilities of dialogue are narrow and in many cases absent.

- inhabitants however they always manage to enter the heart of those who share a virtual village with them. They react to the passage of time, often remember past actions or past events and, at times, seem to feel emotions. This is the excellent job behind the character design of all Animal Crossing, but it also has a big downside: when a resident leaves our village, it's a real drama.

Fortunately, this animal is replaced by someone else, perhaps even more sympathetic. One day, entering the game, you discover a new building under construction and at that moment you feel euphoric thinking that you have to know the new neighbor with whom the player, willingly or unwillingly, will share something. Maybe on Valentine's day? Or Christmas? And what will you give to that new inhabitant on his birthday?

Walk at night

Mine I remember more beautiful by Animal Crossing.

We are at the night before my oral high school exam. Yes, like everyone else, I also watched the famous film and, after endless hours of turning over in bed, finally managed to fall asleep.

I woke up at 5 in the morning. Try at 8. Anxiety and agitation took over. I needed to relax.

You pulled out my Nintendo 3DS and started playing. Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It was raining and there was a relaxing music (the night theme) in the background. I took a walk under a leaf-shaped umbrella.

The exam went very well and I still have the pleasure of attributing part of the merit of this result right on that walk.

Return to the village

We are at the end of this list which I hope will accompany you at the next launch of New Horizon. The absolute best moment remains to arrive in the new village, which is also an easily framed event compared to abandoning it. Could you tell me when it waslast time you left an old village of yours?

Probably not and this is what makes Animal Crossing an experience that goes beyond the simple video game. In your villages there are memories and experiences, as well as a lot of virtual adventure companions with whom you have shared something.

All this will always be waiting for you. Just dust off an old cartridge, start the game, maybe take a lecture from Mr. Resetti, and greet everyone Once again.

Think of how many new moments that will be able to remain in our mind and heart will still be able to live thanks to Animal Crossing: New Horizon.