Nvidia's streaming game platform, GeForce Now, is facing opposition from some of the world's biggest publishers. After Bethesda, Activision, Capcom and Square Enix, in fact, it is now 2K Games to ask Nvidia about delete his games from the library of the platform, as communicated on official forum.

The reason has not been stated and the same company has informed its users that they will work with 2K Games to bring the games back to their platform: among these we find Bioshock, Civilization, Borderlands, Mafia and many others.

What appears to have bothered publishers is the transition from free beta to a subscription service by GeForce Now, which then led publishers to withdraw their games despite having supported the platform when it was in beta. In addition, some independent developers have seen theirs titles supported by GeForce Now without being aware of them, although Nvidia defends itself by declaring that from the beginning it was confirmed that the platform would support most of the Steam library.

Not a little headache for Nvidia, hopefully everything will work out for the best for both clubs and players.